Next Generation GIS Workshop

The past decade has witnessed several revolutionary IT technologies ABCDE: a) artificial intelligence (AI) changing all walks of human life, b) block chain innovates the way data/information shared, c) cloud computing (C2) changing the way how computing is used, d)  big data as characterized by 4Vs and calling for value extraction, e) edging computing that powers intelligently the Internet of Things (IoT) integrating physical and virtual world. These disruptive technologies have also brought challenges and opportunities to the geographical information science domain such as aspects of big spatiotemporal data analytics, human dynamics and physical/virtual world linkage analyses, increasing complexity of applications, and cross-domain integration and analyses. From the core of GIScience, spatial thinking is evolving into spatiotemporal thinking. A redesign of the GIS architecture, theory, methodology, software, tool, and solution is needed in the era of ABCDE and spatiotemporal thinking. This workshop is designed to capture the need for such a rethinking and the directions/fields that we should focus our efforts on in the next decade including questions of:

            What are the specific GIS challenges we are facing today (in commercial and open source domains) in lieu of ABCDE?
            What architecture is needed to support addressing such challenges? 
            What new GIS functionalities are needed? 
            What new research directions are needed?
            How should we adjust the curriculum for educating our next generation GIScientists?
            How the GIS industry will be impacted/revolutionized?

This workshop is part of an international survey of the next generation GIS planned with over 60 organizations worldwide, and includes leaders from the U.S. on various topics as follows.

Date: October 11, 2018

Meeting notes

Location: CGIS S030 from 9:00am-16:00pm; CGIS S020 from 16:00pm-18:00pm

Participating Online:

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Meeting number: 645 841 724
Meeting password: cicYv62N
Audio connection: 1-240-454-0879 USA Toll
Access code: 645 841 724

From To Length Next Generation GIS Workshop – Agenda (CGIS S030) Moderator
9:00 9:05 0:05 Introduction of the leaders and the speakers Phil Yang
9:05 9:10 0:05 Welcome: Jason Ur (CGA Director, Harvard University)
9:10 9:30 0:20 Sponsor: Sheng Xu (Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute)
Invited Talks Phil Yang
9:30 9:50 0:20 Stephen Ervin (Harvard)
9:50 10:10 0:20 Keith Clarke (UCSB)
10:10 10:30 0:20 Yun Zhang (UNB, Academician of Canada)
10:30 10:50 0:20 Siva Ravada (Oracle)
10:50 11:05 0:15 Coffee Break
Invited Talks Keith Clarke
11:05 11:25 0:20 May Yuan (UTD)
11:25 11:45 0:20 Jason Ur (Harvard)
11:45 12:05 0:20 Axing Zhu (UWM)
12:05 12:25 0:20 Daniel Sui (VP for Research, University of Arkansas)
12:25 13:10 0:45 Lunch Break
Invited Talks Wendy Guan
13:10 13:30 0:20 Peter Bol (Harvard)
13:30 13:50 0:20 Shaowen Wang (UIUC)
13:50 14:10 0:20 Sudhir Raj Shrestha (Esri)
14:10 14:30 0:20 Wenwen Li (ASU)
14:30 14:45 0:15 Coffee Break
Invited Talks & Discussions Keith Clarke
14:45 15:05 0:20 Shashi Shekhar (UMN, IEEE Fellow)
15:05 15:25 0:20 Josh Lieberman (Harvard and OGC)
15:25 15:45 0:20 Zhenlong Li (USCarolina)
15:45 15:55 0:10 (move to S020)
15:55 16:15 0:20 Introduction of NGIS Survey Reports Wendy Guan
16:15 16:35 0:20 Open Floor Discussion: Potential Research Directions
16:35 16:40 0:05 Conclusion
16:40 Box Dinner to Go