Name School Year Supervisor Project Description
Matthew Zhan University of Texas at Austin 2014 Chaowei Yang Spatiotemporal Big Data project Facilitated the collaboration with NASA and resulted in a student-lead presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers
Hunter Loveland University of Chicago 2014 Paul Houser, Min Sun, Yunfeng Jiang Gathering data from climate sensors in the Fraser experimental forest, Fraser, Colorado.
Nicholas Bertini George Mason University 2015 Chaowei Yang contributed to the NASA-sponsored project of designing conceptual architecture for planetary defense and risk mitigation. Results have been presented in the American Geological Union Fall Meeting 2015 at San Francisco, CA.
Andrew Donnley George Mason University 2015 Donglian Sun, Sven Furhmann 3D data modeling and visualization
Alena Deveau Virginia Tech University 2016 Chaowei Yang, Manzhu Yu, Yongyao Jiang Planetary Defense project Advanced NASA’s Planetary Defense systems infrastructure and researched operational capabilities of the facilities that contribute to national security issues.
Joseph George University of Richmond 2016 Chaowei Yang, Manzhu Yu Planetary Defense project Results of the planetary defense project were presented at the International Symposium of Big Data and Cloud Computing hosted at George Mason University in July 2016.
Coleman Shepard University of Minnesota 2017 Chaowei Yang, Mengchao Xu Big Data Deep Learning Platform project Worked on the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Service portion of the Big Data platform. Setup a geospatial server (GeoServer) to connect to existing databases to distribute standardized web services. (WMS/WFS/WCS)
Joseph George University of Richmond 2017 Yongyao Jiang, Yun Li Big Data Deep Learning Platform project Facilitates the efficient big data management, query, processing, and deep learning analytics
Lara Kamal George Mason University 2017 Ishan Shams, Qian Liu Oceanographic Data Discovery project machine learning algorithm for NASA’s oceanographic data discovery ranking framework, Mudrod, using Artificial Neural Network and evaluated the algorithm using specific metrics.
Mackenzie Kane University of Colorado 2018 Manzhu Yu Tropical Cyclone Hot Tower Segmentation project Using advanced programming skills to preprocess the climate reanalysis data and satellite observations.
Benjamin Segal University of Wisconsin-Madison 2018 Ishan Shams Flood Portal project Using web-based programming to archive, preprocess, and visualize the satellite imagery for high resolution flood information in the U.S.
Timothy Wu Yale University 2019 Dexuan Sha, Qian Liu Arctic Infrastructure project Focusing on HSR imagery data collection, metadata analysis, data warehouse design, ETL process.
Victoria Dombrowik Yale University 2019 Dexuan Sha Arctic Infrastructure project Focusing on HSR imagery preprocessing based on data format, basic operation; raster data analysis of classification and other method.
Emmanuel Carrera University of Sourthen California 2019 Jingchao Yang Urban Heat Island TBD
Nicholas Morris James Madison University 2019 Ishan Shams,Yun Li Planetary Defense project Facilitates data scraping and mining from Horizons via telnet systems using advanced programming technology and provides CRUD middle-layer API support.
Megan Rice Carnegie Mellon University 2020 Zifu Wang, Yun Li Impact factor analysis of COVID-19 Preparing this data which included daily case and death statistics along with socioeconomic, medical, mobility, environmental, and policy static and dynamic factors.
Melanie Alfonzo Johns Hopkins University 2020 Yun Li, Dexuan Sha Patient-level Fatality Prediction Creating a machine learning model that is capable of predicting fatality for an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19.
Nadine Meister  Harvard University 2020 Hai Lan Schools Reopen Prediction And Decision-making Under Pandemic Using an agent-based modeling approach to represent the spread of COVID-19 on college campuses
Oliver Chartock Dartmouth College 2020 Hai Lan, Zifu Wang  COVID-19 Data Visualization Assisting in the installation and deployment of an ArcGIS Enterprise platform
Sophia O’Neill Cornell University 2020 Dexuan Sha  COVID-19 Data Clean  Data collection and organization of COVID19 data, and data exploration and processing.
Alma Topete University of  California, Santa Barbara 2020  Zifu Wang, Qian Liu Twitter classification downloading data using a web host server, pre-processing tweet ID’s, hydrating Twitter data content
Jackson T. Harris

Dartmouth College

2020 Qian Liu Cloud classification/  Air Quality/UHI Forecasting Data collection of Cloud classification and Improving the Air Quality/UHI Forecasting in the Urban setting
Samantha Carr

McGill University

2020 CGA researchers multiple projects Expanded upon previous stationary cartographic work mapping global human migration trends using UNHCR datasets and displaying localized human migration routes through the compilation of a myriad of open source data
Erin Abbott University of Chicago 2020 CGA researchers multiple projects creating and editing basic mapping and analysis tutorials for novice GIS users for both open source software (R and QGIS) and ArcGIS Online; scripting with OmniSci for the GeoTweets archive project and the climate exposure extraction project for the CREW study

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